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Healing Solutions Personalized Consultation

Are You Uncertain About Where To Begin?

  • Is your health leaving you exhausted and anxious about the stress of an acute or chronic dis-ease...fearing you’ll never get better?

  • Are you spending unnecessary money on health products you hope will bring relief, or making choices that are preventing you from taking better care of yourself? This will be a great way to start if you are seeking to increase your energy, decrease stress and really develop a healthier lifestyle.

  • Do you wan to know the underlying cause of your condition?

Your consultation includes a Bioenergetic Analysis. This advanced intuitive method of body, mind and energetic analysis, helps determine disturbances in energetic fields and its contribution to illness. Bioenergetics is useful to all people with any condition whether it is acute or chronic and it is especially helpful as a preventative measure. This system of bio-energetic medicine also aids in the selection of remedies needed based on each individuals condition.


Your one-on-one 90-120 minute initial consultation (in-person or phone-consultation) will assist you in discovering the underlying cause of your current health concerns and help guide you in a personalized way to the best next steps for your total well being.

15-Minute Complemetary Consultation


This complimentary 15-minute consultation (via phone) gives you an opportunity to discuss your chief health concerns with Dr. Foster to determine, which consultation or program may best fit your needs.

1-on-1 Spiritual Coaching

Are you seeking guidance about how to make the best choices that are in alignment with your true purpose or need to develop a deeper connection to the Divine and your own spiritual guidance?


I offer intuitive services for anyone in need of spiritual assistance. Clarity related to your spiritual life is the key to creating a life filled with lasting joy and peace on all levels. By utilizing this special part of your existence, you have the ability to gain greater and more useful awareness of your inherent gifts that allow yourself to freely be joyful, healthy and purposeful.

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