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Healthy At Work: For Remote and In Office Workers

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Since 2017, many businesses have realized the benefits of health promotion to curb the costs of rising healthcare. However, up level wellness programs in the corporate setting is now key to optimize employee health, happiness and productivity.

  • $70 Billion Dollars are spent on disability caused by psychological distress and absenteeism each year

  • 40 million people have been diagnosed as clinically anxious in the USA


  • $100 million dollars are spent each year on anxiety medications


            OUR SERVICES:

Each HFLI Organizational Health Program is a distinct blend of food, whole body balance, exercise, mindset, mindful communication tools, healthy workplace additions and more. We encourage customization of our programs to suit your business. 


We learn more about your business, then design your program. Each company is unique.

First, we get to know you. What are your values, goals, and current challenges?


Then we develop a specialized program for your company. 


Your program will be a distinct blend of wellness services geared towards increasing positive team interactions, productivity, and job satisfaction of your employees which drastically reduces health care costs and turnover rates. 


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