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10 Tips for Successful Meditation

Updated: May 21, 2018

Photo by Antonika Chanel

Meditation strengthens the mind! It has been practiced around the world for thousands of years and is a way to help you develop inward focus, deepen awareness and gain clarity.

Practicing meditation has been scientifically proven to increase happiness due to the release of the mood enhancing chemical seratonin and can reduce stress, improve overall health and quality of sleep.

Take a moment to discover how my 10 tips will help you succesfully meditate.

  1. Focus your mind on your breathing for 20 minutes

  2. Keep a relatively empty stomach – meditate before or 2 hours after eating.

  3. You will experience your thoughts coming in – just refocus on your breathing

  4. Your attention might be drawn to noises in your environment.

  5. Use a clock or timer to know when 20 minutes are up

  6. Wait a few minutes before resuming regular activity

  7. The four correct experiences – state of peace, sleepiness, coming and going of thoughts, frustration.

  8. Look for the effects and benefits of meditation in everyday life, not just your experience during meditation.

  9. Meditation is not about “trying” – Let go!

  10. You will experience positive results with consistent practice.


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