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Has Stress Got You Stressed?...Relax

Stress is a universal experience. Everyone encounters stressors related to concerns over work, relationships, money, health, managing a household, moving, or divorce at different points in their lives.

Whether it shows up in the form of headaches, weight gain, high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor memory, low sex drive, insomnia or other ailments, it can take its toll.

Yet the stress response is natural. Its a necessary protective mechanism that tells your hypothalamus in your brain to signal your adrenal glands to release stress hormones so you can flee from danger. There is nothing wrong with this response unless it becomes a CHRONIC REACTION because you perceive all stressors as potential harm.

When you experience challenges in your life, the truth is, you are given an opportunity to unlock some limiting aspect of yourself that says difficulties are bad.

Challenges can lead you to deep healing and spiritual awakenings you might not have otherwise. Stress in its positive form can tame habitual reactions to life, food, people and circumstances and move you closer to trust and the path of least-resistance.

The next time something you consider to be stressful presents itself...watch how you react.

Do you feel angry, sad, fearful, anxious? Do you yell, go silent, walk away, ignore, avoid?

Just observe.

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