Healing People. Not Symptoms!

We provide targeted assessment, balanced action and heart-centered accountability.

Are You Uncertain About Where To Begin?

  • Is your health leaving you exhausted and anxious about the stress of an acute or chronic dis-ease...fearing you’ll never get better?

  • Are you spending unnecessary money on health products you hope will bring relief, or making choices that are preventing you from taking better care of yourself? This will be a great way to start if you are seeking to increase your energy, decrease stress and really develop a healthier lifestyle.

  • Do you want to know the underlying cause of your condition?

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At Healing for Life International, we believe that the first step in wellness is to get insight into your health concerns by listening to what you need. 

Our consultations and programs involve easy and informed steps.

Our recommendations will include the specific functional lab testing, detailed patient evaluations, targeted nutrition treatment plans, lifestyle upgrades, mindset upleveling and condition specific supplement support.

We look forward to connecting with you and providing the best possible plan, personalized and professional service.

Our Services Include:

Naturopathic Healthcare

Advanced Nutrition and Diagnostic Testing (Tests may use blood, saliva, urine, or stool)


  • Nutrient Evaluation (vitamins, minerals, metabolism and amino acids)

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Stool Test (digestion, microbiome and pathogens)

  • Functional Blood Analysis

  • Hormone, HPA Evaluation and Adrenal Testing

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • Nutrigenomics

Spiritual Counseling