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Healing People. Not Symptoms!


​We provide targeted assessment, balanced action and heart-centered accountability.

Are You Uncertain About Where To Begin?

  • Is your health leaving you exhausted and anxious about the stress of an acute or chronic dis-ease...fearing you’ll never get better?

  • Are you spending unnecessary money on health products you hope will bring relief, or making choices that are preventing you from taking better care of yourself? This will be a great way to start if you are seeking to increase your energy, decrease stress and really develop a healthier lifestyle.

  • Do you want to know the underlying cause of your condition?


At Healing for Life International, we believe that the first step in wellness is to get insight into your health concerns by listening to what you need. 

Our consultations and programs involve easy and informed step-by-step game plans.

Our recommendations will include the specific functional lab testing, detailed patient evaluations, targeted nutrition plans, lifestyle upgrades, mindset shifting and condition specific supplement support.

We look forward to connecting with you and providing the best possible personalized plan and professional service.

Naturopathic Consultations

Our Naturopathic Consultations focus on addressing the root cause of your health concern. We assess the most appropriate and individualized approach so you receive the care you deserve. 

Nutritional Support

Functional/Energetic Nutrition utilizes a combination of integrative nutrition knowledge and consideration of the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each individual to effectively treat the most stubborn health problems.


Your nutrition is more than just food! We take into consideration your whole self to provide you with an individualized 'nutrition makeover'.

Spiritual Counseling

Health and spirituality are interconnected. Frequently there is a spiritual underlying cause of dis-ease that impacts inner healing and the physical body. We provide faith-based counseling to support healing on all levels. 

Advanced Nutritional & Diagnostic Testing

  • Nutrient Evaluation (vitamins, minerals, metabolism and amino acids)

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Stool Test (digestion, microbiome and pathogens)

  • Hormone, HPA Evaluation and Adrenal Testing

  • Heavy Metal Testing


Aaron Family, Virginia

I wanted to take a moment to share our experience. My wife and I both had our 1 on 1's with Dr. Tarryn. She spent well over an hour with us explaining our labs and the significance each reading tells her about our body. Her attention to details, ability to not make us feel rushed and her overall personable attitude are the reasons I am writing this review. 


It's important to hear feedback when someone is doing an awesome job and Dr. Tarryn is a prime example! I would like to thank Dr. Foster again for her knowledge pertaining to our health.

Mr. Bouchard, Quebec, Canada

I first met Dr. Tarryn in the summer of 2012. My main problem at that time was frequent trips to the bathroom, low energy and a looming operation for a suspected brain tumor.  The day after my consultation, I was able to drive over 5 hours non-stop, my energy came back and the operation was a success.  I followed-her guidelines and my recovery was short, sweet and complete. I continue to have long-distance consultation so at 63 years old all continues to go well. Thank you Dr. Tarryn! I highly recommend you to anyone who needs a tune-up...inside and out. Go for it! You will lead a healthier life.

Brooke McCauley, Maryland

I first met Dr. Tarryn in 2008 and have both consistently used her services and referred her to my loved ones ever since. She is a gifted, compassionate and highly knowledgeable practitioner. I appreciate her consciousness and integrity, and her holistic and spiritual approach to treatment. Begin your healing journey today with her services!

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