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Children As Teachers

Children smile with such ease. It's as if the whole world conspires to give them a reason to giggle.

We can learn much from their effortless ways of finding joy, exploring their imagination and captivating creativity...that as adults we often replace with the challenges of life.

There is a simplicity in spending time in nature, jumping in puddles of mud and getting dirty. A simplicity that keeps the mind and the body basking in the present moment. It's as if time stands still. We can learn much from these quality moments of peace.

Children truly are our best teachers. They can teach us to be honest, get in touch with our true feelings and express ourselves. It is from this place that we can began to live life from our authentic selves.

Research shows that play improves children's cognitive, physical, language, social and emotional development. So why don't adults do it more often? Wouldn't it benefit us in these areas as well?

Less than 5% of American adults participate in 30 minutes of daily exercise, according to statistics. Adults are busy working, watching tv, managing their households, helping friends, or focusing on health. These concerns increase stress, frequently decrease happiness and increase anxiousness when not balanced with stress-relieving activities.

Adult play may take the form of hobbies, exercise, going to the movies, sex or traveling. Whatever activity you choose, remember to approach it with the light-hearted, beginners mind of a child.

The more relaxed adults are, the more children will stay empowered to play. Parents must learn to prevent their little ones from taking on patterns of stress and unhealthy habits before they are adults. This is the goal of conscious parenting. Children emulate what they see in their environment and they too will start to forget effortless joy.

As parents and adults who may have fun-loving children to observe, remember that they just allow things to flow with grace and ease. Adults can retrain their mind, body, emotions and spirits to live life the same way.

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