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Go Wild With Wellness

I LOVE helping women get healthy! Not because its trendy or the easiest thing to do. But because it's the key to healing ourselves and this planet.

Being healthy is not just about the body. It is also about the spirit, mind and emotions. When you have the courage to make the necessary changes to take charge of your get EMPOWERED!

Taking charge means...

  • Don't shy away from changing your diet

  • Listen to your body when you feel discomfort.

  • Trust your gut when something or someone triggers your emotions

  • Seek support when you have unanswered questions about your health

  • Fill your spirit with peace and joy

All of these can light a conscious fire within and begin to blast through your frustration, complacency or resistance. Every step is a valuable one in your wellness journey.

Research has shown that women most commonly suffer from heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease and depression. Stressful events, high blood pressure, eating disorders, substance abuse, relationship problems and chronic illness can all contribute to these problems.

Because women are at a high risk for these health issues, taking a natural approach for prevention can stop them before they begin.

Do you want to go wild with wellness and get healthier? Here's 5 ways you can get started:

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise (consistently)

2. Reduce fat intake (that means NO fried or greasy foods and snacks)

3. Eat more greens (not just frozen corn)

4. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people (say goodbye to negativity)

5. Give to others (helping others helps you heal)

Once you DECIDE to practice radical self-care, you will be so excited about the shifts, you won't want to stop. Perhaps you will begin to love helping yourself heal as much as I love helping busy working women and moms. The healthier each person becomes, the healthier we all will be.

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